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DIY Save the Dates

With the wedding date set, deposit paid for and guest list sorted- it was time to begin all things wedding. As some of you who already know me, knows how much I love to craft. I remember in secondary school in my Art and Design GCSE, I made a wedding craft book for my project, all in ivory lace and ribbon. It has been my ultimate dream to plan a wedding. I knew that I wanted to make as many things myself as I could to save money, but also to have that personalised touch. I have had major inspiration from Pinterest (edwards0657), I mean obsession really- there are so many ideas on there that have helped me a lot. I wasn’t really aware of Save the Dates, my parents hadn’t heard of them either. A new addition to the wedding stationary department! However, I loved the idea of making people aware of when the wedding was and thought it was ideal to send a little memo as our venue requires long distance travelling for some of our guests. We could give them a ‘heads up’. It was also an excuse for me to get my craft on!

We decided with the idea of giving our guests a fridge magnet so they had something special to keep, and something to display! Andrew, bless him, has been an ideal hubby to be in this situation and said he trusts every decision I make with the actual design of the wedding, obviously to ask him first but is this the case with every bride and groom?! The groom becomes a ‘yes’ man ha ha. I wanted something minimalist and also something quite small so it wouldn’t be ‘in your face’. The idea of a luggage tag looked gorgeous on some Pinterest posts so off to Hobbycraft I went!

I found some luggage tags (two different sizes), a beautiful stamper set, red and black ink and some pretty ribbon flower stickers. Hobbycraft stock a lot of Ginger Ray products, for a decent price too!

I love visiting craft shops, if you’re from the North East and looking for the shop of dreams for wedding DIY then you must visit Dainty Toys in Washington. I got all of our lace from here and also the gorgeous pearl stickers. Other handy craft shops were eBay (I got the magnets from here) and a shop in Team Valley in the North East called ‘Country Baskets’ (amazing place but a membership is needed).

Once I had all of the supplies, I could start playing about. On Save The Dates, you usually have the name of the bride and groom, your date and I added our venue to ours! This was so our guests could start pricing accommodation.

Save the Date 2

I decided to have our names displayed in calligraphy front, Andrew hand wrote all of these- how amazing! A pretty pearl above, a red stamped heart underneath, the date stamped in short, ‘invitation to follow’ and the lace ribbon along the bottom- simple and delicate.

save the date 1

For the front luggage tag, ‘Save the Date’ stamped on with the pretty flower sticker above that and two heart stamps. On the reverse of this we had the name of the venue. We made 50 of these, took us about 3 weeks in total as it actually took quite some time to make them! There was always a conveyor belt on the go ha but it was lovely to have my family involved in the crafting.

An essential item that I couldn’t have been without was my glue gun, I bought this from Hobbycraft! I sent them in a small brown envelope to keep with the ‘kraft’ theme.

The feeling of sending off the first few and putting that red first class stamp on the front was one of the best feelings ever! It was becoming official that we were actually marrying eeeeeks. I was so happy with how they turned out, what has been lovely is going round some of our guests’ houses and seeing their Save the Date displayed on their fridge. It’s lovely to do things yourself, it adds that personal touch and makes it sentimental.

save the date final 1


Hope I have given some inspiration! X


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